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Learn to Bring Targeted Visitors to Your Websites With Offline Marketing Tactics

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Please note that this article is about making money with affiliate marketing. This topic is fully covered in 2 products I would highly recommend: fast track cash and cb wealth maker. Now let’s get into it…

The internet is a powerful marketing medium but it is only one of many. It is illogical for you to restrict yourself to only the internet if you are in it to make a large amount of money. Yes, it is true that online marketing is faster, cheaper, and easier to track and tweak campaigns; but take a moment and think about all of the potential buyers that you are missing out on by only marketing online.

Not only will offline marketing expose your business to more customers but it will also be a chance for you to introduce physical products to your site since that is what most offline people are used to buying. Making sales is not an option when it comes to running a business so don’t exclude any marketing opportunities. Why not explore your offline market as well? Read on to learn about several of the offline tactics that works on everyone: even you.

You definitely want to distribute fliers – what is the limits on this where you live? Can you attach then to house doors? What about in mailboxes; is that permitted by law? If you have a green light with the law then it is time to get some basic fliers designed and into circulation; you can opt to print them yourself and save some money, or you can have a freelancer do the work for you for a small fee. The easiest part of this process is passing them out which doesn’t need any explanation. You never know how many potential clients you can reach this way. Put a coupon code into the fliers so you can track your success!

Regular newspaper advertising is a fantastic marketing option. Have you thought about taking out a small ad in one of the regular sections of your newspaper? If you start off with a modest sized ad that is only an inch or two, the cost won’t be very high. Make sure your ad is placed in the best section of the paper for what you are offering; in this way you can be found by droves of people who would never have seen an online ad. To find out how effective your ad is you might create a special coupon for your newspaper readers. If you find an ad that works well, you can keep using it; don’t forget to have nice graphics in the ads aside from text!

You can advertise in phone books. This is overlooked – how many times have you heard someone on your favorite forum or in a newsletter recommend placing ads in a phone book? It is often said that when people are looking for an address or phone number that they will search the internet instead of picking up a phone book. But there is an upside besides all of the large phone books also publish an online version.

Use both of them for your ads. Make sure that you have both cornered to get the maximum benefit. Do not ignore the power that phone books still have!

When you think about it, the offline world has many places where you can advertise! It’s a good idea to put aside a certain part of your marketing budget for offline marketing. The simple fact is that if you limit yourself to only advertising and promoting your business online, you are only going to reach a fraction of your potential audience! Why would you limit yourself in that way? The best marketers are those that focus their efforts both online and offline.