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Good, Simple Strategies for Internet Marketers to Provide Great Customer Service

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

When you shop at any business, what do you use as a guide to rate that establishment? For many people, the most important single factor is customer service and how they are treated by sales clerks! It is the level of customer service that you receive that usually determines whether or not you will shop at a store again, eat at a restaurant again, or do business with a service provider again. Unfortunately, as important as customer service is, it’s something too many internet marketers leave out of the equation when they think about their business. Just because online transactions don’t involve direct personal contact doesn’t mean you can ignore the value of providing great customer service! You can use these tips and suggestions to start providing better customer service to your website visitors.

When someone contacts you, make sure you answer as soon as possible. Do your best to answer any messages within a 24 hour period. And when we talk about responding, we mean a personalized response that comes straight from you. Do not simply set up an automatic responder and assume that you don’t need anything else. A quick and personal response to comments, questions or even complaints shows that you really care what your customers. If you had a retail store, would you leave customers standing there while you did something else? You probably wouldn’t even think of treating them this way! Another nice touch is to send buyers an email after they have purchased something that offers them a discount on their next purchase.

If you set up an automatic responder, you won’t even have to deal with this personally and you can ensure return customers. This is a great way to add hundred, or maybe even thousands, of dollars to your bottom line. No one will turn away from a great deal! Offer a special deal to them for responding directly to your email in the form of an electronic coupon code they can simply enter on your site, or offer them a personalized product.

People should always be able to reach you by e-mail. A good way to turn off people who might otherwise buy from you is to have their e-mails to you bounce. This happens when your inbox reaches its capacity, so be sure to regularly clean it out. When many people get their e-mails bounced back, you may also get the reputation of being a spammer, which is another reason to keep your inbox working well!

Good customer service is smart business. Look at what kind of customer service other internet marketers provide. You will notice the ones who are more successful offer better customer service to their customers, and they are raking in the money. The fact is that your customers are real people. You can’t see them as just accounts that pay you money. If you treat these customers as friends and not as money, they will come back to you over and over again.

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